Full Property Management - Bond Lodgement & Property Inspections


The days of being a passive landlord are over. With changes in the legal requirements for landlords and the ever growing needs around Health and Safety and the scourge of methamphetamine, it is often time consuming to manage your own rentals. If you want to maximise your returns, minimise stress, save time and money then leave it to us to do what we do well.

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How We Help

Full Property Management - Bond Lodgement & Property Inspections

Tenant Selection

We follow strict protocols when screening prospective tenants. Successful tenant applicants must provide references and have a satisfactory credit rating. We understand that property management is about people and we are experienced in screening potential tenants. We feel that careful tenant selection is essential.

Bond Lodgement

We secure 4 weeks rent as bond. The bond is receipted by us and lodged with the Department of Building and Housing soon after it is paid by tenants.

Property Inspections

We complete a pre-tenancy report specifically designed for your property. The current condition and any defects and chattels are photographed and recorded. A final inspection is also completed at the end of the tenancy. During a tenancy, all properties are subject to regular inspections. Our property manager will make note of any maintenance that may be required, now and in the future. This gives owners the opportunity to create a maintenance schedule and plan for any impending financial commitments. We believe regular inspections can help keep maintenance costs down by being proactive and dealing with small issues before they become big ones. The owner will receive a full written copy of the routine inspection report along with photos.

Methamphetamine Testing

Meth Testing is absolutely necessary to protect yourself and your property in this day and age. We arrange meth testing for your property to ensure the property is safe and you are meeting your obligations under the Residential Tenancies Act.

Rent Collection and Arrears

Handing over the responsibility of rent collection to Home Let eliminates one of a landlord's greatest concerns. Ensuring rent is going to be paid on time is vital to profitability and peace of mind. We check rents received on a daily basis to ensure rent is being paid on time and that tenants are aware of, and live up to, their obligations.

We have a ZERO tolerance for rent arrears and view this matter very seriously. If a tenant misses a payment, a specified procedure is followed to ensure any missed payments are followed up and remedied. This may include phone calls, text messages, emails and legal notices. Our knowledge ensures that we will fulfill all obligations under the Residential Tenancy Act. Careful tenant selection and prompt action reduce the likelihood of arrears issues. However, in the unlikely event of it happening, an owner will be notified and updated throughout the process.


All our contracts and documents are written in plain language for easy understanding. Rental payments are credited to an owner's bank account once or twice a month. A detailed statement, along with any invoices paid on their behalf, is generated at the end of each month. Many of our landlords choose the convenient method of having their statements emailed to them. At the end of each financial year, a summary of the year's transactions is provided.

Tenancy Tribunals

Normally the relationship between Home Let and the tenant is a happy one and it is always our aim to keep it that way. If there is a deviation from the original contract, sometimes mediation is the best way to achieve an amicable result. A thorough knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act is essential to manage a property efficiently and all Home Let property managers are thoroughly conversant with all aspects of the Act and the workings of the Tribunal. Hearings are always attended by our experienced property managers who are capable of resolving issues on your behalf, and when necessary, making quick decisions in your best interest. Decisions made by the Tribunal are enforceable by law. Be assured that we will keep an owner informed throughout.

Property Maintenance

Undertaking maintenance is a necessary part of protecting an investment property. With regular inspections and communication with the tenant, any issues should be dealt with early on. Our flexible service means owners can choose how Home Let deals with any maintenance work. We can arrange for a repair to be undertaken on their behalf, or an owner can stipulate a maintenance spending limit. We use a variety of contractors who are reliable, consistent and cost competitive. We can arrange quotes on most major maintenance issues.


Communication is key to property management success. We keep in regular contact through phone calls, emails letters and updates.


We use proven marketing techniques and careful tenant selection to secure the highest quality tenants. All properties are uploaded to the Trade Me and the Home Let website. When a tenant informs us they are terminating their tenancy, you can be assured that we will begin marketing a property promptly, thus reducing any vacancy period.



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